Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Top five secret and usefull whattsapp tricks that u never try before..

Top five secret and usefull whattsapp tricks that u never try before..

Hello friend, in today's article I am going to tell you about 5 best secret WhatsApp tips and tricks that you never used before. WhatsApp tricks are very important for every person because every person want some help to send messages and accept messages and also they want to know about that person who are behind the mobile. So that start.... 


As you know that whatsApp is powerful platform for chatting, voice and video calling. I think billions of people chat and call everyday through WhatsApp application

WhatsApp web

First you have to open WhatsApp application. After open then there is an interface of WhatsApp. You can see three dots in the right upper corner. Click on the three dots. Different option after click you have to select only one option named WhatsApp web. After clicking on WhatsApp web there is an option of QR code scan. The QR code is in your PC. You can scan QR code and start messaging and voice calling,video calling from that WhatsApp web. WhatsApp web is a great achievement by WhatsApp company chat with one another via pC or Mac. The users who use laptop or personal computer or Mac. We can easily chat with one another in laptop and also WhatsApp give you all that things and features in laptop. you can easily save images, videos,music and documents. And also help you to to talk with one another through voice and video call. 

whatsapp web

blue tick in your message

Second important thing in WhatsApp is when you send messages to one another. When they read your messages then there is an blue tick in your message. And when someone send you messages. You after you read then there is an blue tick on your friends mobile phone. So so I am talking now that how to protect that thing that you read your friend message or anyone person message but other person cannot see your blue tick of seen. So click on the right upper corner three lines and then go to account, then go to privacy there is an option of read receipts you have to turn off that read receipts option. Then the other person cannot see your blue tick. 

Share location

Third important secret tip is share location to another user. If you do not have knowledge of sharing location or any WhatsApp feature. So that thing is very important for the person in WhatsApp. Simply find a person that you want to share location. Then click on media icon and there is an option of sharing location. Click on that location and turn on your GPS. WhatsApp automatically find your location and send to your your other WhatsApp friend that you want to share with. 
share whatsapp location

Two step verification 

If you want to protect you whatsApp account. There is an option in the WhatsApp setting to protect your WhatsApp account easily and no other will login in your WhatsApp account. So click on the upper right three dot. Then click on setting, then click on two step verification and enable your two step verification easily also you can put your email or any other number for two step verification. This will help you to protect your WhatsApp to to any other person. 

Save your data

The fifth and last whatsApp trick . Save your data during call or during messages. There is an option in WhatsApp to save your internet data. Some people are poor and they do not have enough internet package to manage all WhatsApp videos,pictures and documents. So you have to click on upper right corner. Then go to data and storage usage and click on on mobile data. So there is an option enabled you have to un tick these options. Also click on WhatsApp and un tick all options. This will help you to save your Internet data and also save your money

So friend these are five secret WhatsApp tricks. If you like my website and like my YouTube channel you have to comment below about that article. Thanks for watching and thanks for reading.
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