Thursday, June 6, 2019

top 5 useful applications for your android mobile-Best new applications of 2019

Apps are very important in every mobile and everyone want to know about useful apps. We found some best apps for you that are really interesting and very helpful for you. Everyone is trying now a days to you found some new applications that give benefit to that person. Some apps on Playstore or App store for very interesting. So hello friends, in this article I am going to tell you about top 5 useful applications that are very helpful for you and your mobile. These apps will help you in practical life. 
 top 5 useful applications


The first app in my list is fooview. This app is basically working on translate any text or image. And also it searches on that type of text and image. After activating your application there are different type of gestures on screen for scroll up and scroll down. The gestures also work on notification panel or home screen. Click on gesture that is right in your screen . Then if you open any image and draw a gasture on it or draw a line on it. The app automatically copy that type of image and translate into different forms. We can search easily about that picture or that picture into different platforms easily. Also this application tell that how this picture look like. For example, if you want to to translate any picture in browser or in any application. Simply learnt that picture from gesture. This application will automatically copy that and tell anything about this. 


The second application in my list is transcriber. This application is basically for WhatsApp. You can change your voice message into text form. If we are busy and do not have enough time to listen voice message. So this app will work to change voice message to text message and you can easily read that message. Firstly open your application and then choose the correct language. Then open your WhatsApp and choose of audio voice message that you want to transcribe. Select that message and click on share option and then click on transcriber. After 23 seconds this message will change to text and you can easily read that. This app is very fast and easily working and very useful application,so you can try this for saving your time.


Third application in my list is Aicut. This app is basically working on background blur and those users who use Instagram on Facebook and they want to blur their pictures. So this app will be very helpful for those users. This app will blur picture and give the pictures new look. After opening the application click on Gallery and select the picture that you want to change background. After selecting the pictures this app will automatically detect background and object. And change background automatically so you only select picture,this app is auto working app. 
If you do not like the selection of this app so click on the tool icon and select the object by self. This app is very useful for those users who want to famous on Instagram or Facebook and they want to give their pictures new look and DSLR mode

Split lense 2

Fourth application in my list is split lense 2. This application is very helpful for Tik Tok users are those users who want to make double role videos. This app will allow the users to make double role video picture. After opening the application there are different type of frames in your home you can choose any frame and make double role pictures or videos easily. Users who are famous in Tik Tok and they are making double videos they usually use this type of application. First click on recording and to the first video and then stop recording and record II video and then mix it. You have to use tripod  to look professional in your video. You can share the pictures and videos after complete editing process. Share this video to WhatsApp and Tiktok easily. 

long shot

The last and most useful application in my list is long shot. Long shot is used for capture full screen screenshot. If you want to take screenshot of full WhatsApp conversion. This app will help you alot for taking pictures. Firstly open the app and then click on turn on option. Then open your WhatsApp and then go to the starting point in WhatsApp and then click on start option. Then scroll down your screen to full WhatsApp conversion. This app will capture all that things that is on your screen. 

So these are the Top 5 applications in my list. I am sure that you will enjoy that apps in your mobile phone. If you like my article please write a comment below. Thanks for reading