Saturday, June 8, 2019

Root any android mobile-Root android with only 1 click

 I'm gonna show you how to root your phone with the most updated version of root. this is gonna be a no data loss method so all your apps and data are gonna be safe.   this is by far the most easiest quickest and at the same time the most advanced way to root easiest as it is just one file and one process that will route almost any Android device out there.  it's a system less route which means your device will work and feel pretty much like a non rooted device even certain apps and services that would straight up refuse to start on an older version of root will now start working class. 
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Already Rooted

so if your device is rooted with the older version of root like supersu or kingroot then we recommend you to unroot your device.  let's get started oh but before we get started the only requirement for this to work is you will need to have a custom recovery pre-installed on your device and that's because some devices comes with a locked bootloader.which will prevent any attempts of rooting no matter what ever you try so installing a custom recovery unlocks your phone and allows you to safely root your device and do all sorts of cool stuff like installing roms can even update over to the next version of Android before anyone else does and much much more with added safety as you always have the restore option in case anything goes wrong.

starting Tips

 I never tripped on what they said if you speaking from your heart they say your school all right so once the custom recovery is up and running on your device let's go ahead and route the phone up before we do that let me show you that my phone is unrooted.  if I open up the root checker app and tap on verify root and yup as you can see it says unrooted.  but let's go ahead and reconfirm that with another root checker app from the Play Store again. as you can see unrooted as well so let's go ahead and download that one file that can root almost any device running on android version 5.1 lollipop and above which almost all the Android devices these days come with.but however if your device is on a low version of Android that is 4.1 KitKat or below then you can still root the process from here on is exactly the same only the files are different .

start process

if you have any questions the answers are right here but if you want to quickly get your device rooted then scroll down and download the latest version of MAGIX from the google. zip file only around 5 MBS in size . so it should not take long but most importantly make sure not to unzip it and let it be as it is once the file is downloaded onto your device. you will have to head over to the custom recovery and basically install the file that you just downloaded .  

so in order to boot into the custom recovery first of all........

1.completely turn off your phone

2.completely turned off boot into the custom recovery by pressing a hardware buttons

it's pretty simple and straightforward from here on you will basically have to tap on the install button right here then locate and install the file that you just downloaded as simple as that before you do that. at the end roid guy highly recommend you to take a backup of your Android system before performing any major installation activity on the recovery by tapping on the backup option right here .  if you forgot to charge your phone and the battery ran out during the process then it can always boot back into the custom recovery tap on the restore button and your device will be back to the way .

1. tap on the install button on the top then navigate over to the root file that you just downloaded it should be in the downloads folder.

2. select that then slide to the right and the installation is going to start

 entire installation process is only gonna take a couple of seconds and you are done that's about it your device is now unlocked and rooted as simple as that once the rooting process is done restart your device by tapping on the reboot button down here.
congratulations now your mibile rooted.
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