Sunday, June 2, 2019

How To Contact YouTube Customer Support

How To Contact YouTube Customer Support

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YouTube is an incredible tool or exposure to all sorts of media content but sometimes the most powerful tools can go a little wrong.that's why today I'm going to tell you how to access etudes various customer support platforms. so you'll always know where to turn Braille to start navigate to YouTube's home page and log in it's important to mention here that not all levels of help are available to all youtubers based on the way.  YouTube currently has a support system set up some users can speak with Google directly via email while other users cannot to see which of these methods.

How to contact

we're about to mention are available to your account visit the site on-screen by far the easiest way to get in touch with YouTube in its Finnair company. Google is via the send feedback link at the bottom of YouTube's home page if you click this link you'll be directed to a form, where you can send your exact issues and details to Google in a way the response after you type in your issue in that initial field you'll be prompted to highlight any areas of your screen. that are relevant to your feedback and block out any personal details you might not want to share with Google.  after you finished highlighting and black and I'll click next to and submit your information,if you're more of a hands-on fix it yourself type there exists a treasure trove of information about YouTube provided by the service itself to access the information .Go back to YouTube homepage and scroll to the bottom once more around the middle of the page . you'll see a box with a question mark in it besides text reading help go ahead and click on that box you should now see a quick search box at the bottom of the page from here you could grasp browse popular items or search by typing in the text box . but for really comprehensive he'll go ahead and click help center at the bottom of the blue search box .

Solving Now

 You are now in YouTube's Help Center,which features information on all hold support issues to navigate through this information.Simply browse through it by clicking the plus sign besides the information,you're interested in each page houses way more information that we have time to discuss in this video.but it's sufficient to say if you like to browse and find answers yourself.This is the place to go also in the Help Center,YouTube provides a slightly more through contact system in which you can select what general topic your inquiry lies within you can access the system due to contact us link on the top right of the Help Center pages.If you want fast results but you can't find your answer and they help Center and don't have time to wait on a response from Google.YouTube also features creator forms which house questions and answers.Then fellow youtubers just like you to access this area from the Help Center simply click on contact us link at the top right of the page in the pop-up that follows your section click YouTube creator help form .