Saturday, June 8, 2019

Get AdSense Approval within 24 Hours in 2019

Hello friends, in this article I am going to tell you about how to get Google AdSense approval fast on blogger. This article will be very helpful for you so please read out and also put your comments below that this article will help you or not. 
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First thing in Google AdSense for approval is content. You have minimum 25 unique articles with plogarism free. Do not copy your content from outside. Your content must be unique and your words should be powerful powerful. Can your content in small SEO tools website to check your content is unique or not. After that publish your article and also you should write minimum 1000 words in one article these word will help you in SEO and also help you to rank in Google pages. 


The second important thing for adSense approval is make your pictures yourself. If you copy and picture from Google then Google AdSense will not verify your site. Some websites that give you free pictures. They websites are and pixabay. If you copy your pictures from that website then Google of science definitely give you approval easily. Try to make your pictures yourself it will help you to get approval only in one day or two day. 


The Third main thing for Google AdSense approval is template. Some people use simple templates. Then Google AdSense reject their website for AdSense approval. For adSense approval you have to to change your template from simple to professional. Open your Google and right here (free blogger or wordpress templates). Save anyone template and apply this template to your website. Google AdSense do not want any paid template. Save anyone template that it professional in looking and AdSense and mobile friendly. Because 70% searches on Google from mobile phone. So that's why you have to you applied template that are mobile friendly and AdSense friendly . 


The next important thing for AdSense approval are pages. Google AdSense do not approve this website that do not have any pages our contact. First of all you have to create some pages like privacy policy, cookie policy, disclaimer, contact us, about us and terms and condition. These pages are very important for adSense approval . If you create these pages. AdSense will verify your website within one or 2 days easily. So try to create these pages from Google. Open Google website and search there any page. A lot of websites that create these web pages for free. 

Social pages 

Try to create social pages like Facebook page, youTube channel, twitter, pinterest channel and link with your website .google AdSense will happy when you create these pages on your website and you can get easily approval within one day or some hours only.