Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Buy domain in cheap rate/cheap domain and cheap web hosting

Hello friends, in today's article I am going to tell you about how to get cheap web hosting and cheap domain for your website easily. Domains and web hosting are very important for run any website. Domain name is important for every people I want to search your name on Google or anywhere. So in this article I find a best domain seller website and also this website give you cheap web hosting. So let's start.... 


The basically website name is is This site is basically from India and it also give you a best cheap rate. The people who want to to buy cheap hosting or cheap domains. They can easily find it in google. The people who lived in India they can easily pay small amount and also get web hosting easily for their websites.

Domain name 

This website give you .com,xyz, online, site and many more domains. The rate of domain starting from 55 iNR. The Indian people can get this domain in only Rs 55. And the people who are living outside the India or living in Europe or American countries. They can decide their currency.I think it will give you about 0.50 dollars. I think this is a cheap web hosting as it compared to the the Godaddy or namecheap. The price of Godaddy domain is about $4. And also namecheap domain name is also borders of only .com domain. But this website give you cheap domains. You can find your domain of XYZ and it give you only 55 INR.

Hosting plan 

Hosting plan of this website is also in cheap price. You can get cheap web hosting in only 45/month. I think this website is very cheap then the others. The price of Godaddy and namecheap is more expensive than this website. There are three types of hostings. Shared hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting. cloud hosting and VPS hosting or more expensive than the shared hosting

First plan 

There are different type of prices in shared hosting. In first plan, in the price of 45, you can connect it to one website, one email account, 100 GB bandwidth, and 1 X processing power and memory. 

Second plan 

In the second plan in the price of 119/month. You can connect it to unlimited number of websites, unlimited email account, unlimited bandwidth, 2x processing power and memory and weekly backup. 

Third plan 

In third plan is (in the price of 189 per month)you can get all benefits from premium. Daily backup, free SSL certificate and 4X Processing Power & Memory. 
All the three plans more cheaper than the others. So you can select and connect it to your website easily. 

Thats the final review of the Due to my opinion hostinger is a real company. You can and by your domain or web hosting easily with trust. If you like that website and if my article is helpful for you please comment below and also it give me motivation to give you a lot of help in future. Thanks for reading