Thursday, June 6, 2019

Adsense Alternatives For Small Websites-best leading alternative plateforms

Hello friends, in today's article I am going to share best and useful alternative of AdSense. These alternative are very helpful for those people who are rejected many time from AdSense. The Google AdSense is a great platform to monetize your website. If your website is not eligible for Google AdSense and you are trying hard to do your best for making money. There are top 5 platforms that will help you to monetize your audience and make money. The ecpm and CPC rate is also high of that platforms. 
So that's the list of the alternatives.... 
1. Ad Maven 
2. Infolinks 
4. revcontent 
5. Viglinks 

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Ad maven 

Ad Mavan is a great platform and high CPC alternative of AdSense. Since last 10 years ad Marven is delivering high CPC ads to websites. There are a lot of publishers and advertisers that are working with that network. You it give you about $5 to $10 ecpm. If you audience is from USA or UK or Germany. You can get maximum revenue. 
Payment methods 
You can get your payment via payoneer, payPal, epayments, wire transfer and through bank account. Payment methods are very easy and and more faster than others. 


Infolinks is a second high CPC alternative of AdSense. Infolinks provide you different type of advertise and AD formats. Mostly website ads are in infiniks. If you have at least 50000 page views per month. You can get the approval of infolinks
Payment method 
The payment method of infolinks is wire transfer, payPal and payoneer. The minimum threshold of payment is is $100. is leading advertising company that works on Impressions. You can get maximum revenue as compared to AdSense. give you high ecpm per 1000 Impressions. You can check and try different type of add styles in your website. You can try display ads, native ads and many more.
Payment methods 
You can get your payment via bank account, payPal, payoneer and many more methods. 

Rev content 

If you want to get instant approval of advertising platform. Then this platform will help you to get this. Rev content is a leading advertisement company that display different type of ad in your website. You can get about 30% to 50% maximum revenue than the other platforms. And these ads are audience engagement audience will attract with the ads very fast. 


Viglinks is a e-commerce website platform that run different type of advertisement in your website. If you have more traffic you will get instant approval in that platform. The ads platforms are very audience engaged and useful. So this will help you to make money easily.